President Ruto speaks on alleged plans to shut down media, internet

President William Ruto has assured the country that his government has no plans to gag the media or said on shut down the internet ahead of Monday’s anti-government protests.

President Ruto spoke on Sunday evening at the Statehouse when he gave an address on the State of the Nation.

“For the record… Kenya has come a long way. The error of shutting down the media is behind us. Irrespective of how biased you are against us we will support you,” he stated.

Earlier on Sunday, the Kenya Media Sector Working Group had raised concerns about plans gag the media and shutdown internet services therefore plunging the country into “information darkness”.

At the same time, the President stated that the media has put him in a difficult position, but that there are no plans for a media blackout.

“If we exchange positions, if you stand where I’m standing you guys [Media practitioners] would have switched off the media… but us we will not,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Head of State asked Opposition Chief Raila Odinga to call off the Monday anti-government protests.

According to the President, the majority of the issues raised by the former Prime Minister can be addressed through a bipartisan parliamentary process.

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