Be understanding, President Ruto tells CSs spouses

President William Ruto has asked the spouses of his Cabinet to be understanding should their soulmates fail to get home.

Speaking at State House on Thursday, Ruto said the spouses should understand that the work that is being done “needs focus.”

“You will be leaving your office late. Spouses please understand these people because they will be sleeping in the office in the next couple of months,” he said.

Dr. Ruto thanked the families for the support they have granted the CSs since they were nominated.

“Thanks for your support and we promise to do our best,” he added.

Ruto also asked the CSs to be fully in charge of their ministries.

“You should be as concerned in what happens in the next ministry as you are in your ministry,” he said.

The head of state also highlighted that he was looking forward to listening his cabinet  and their  advice so that the government  can manage the affairs of the nation.

“Even though I stand here as president I do not have the monopoly of all knowledge,” Ruto said.

Further, the President asked the cabinet to serve all Kenyans equally, forgetting the tribal lines.

“I know that there are regional persuasions but I’ve not appointed any Cabinet for any region or county, I have appointed the cabinet of Kenya. I expect everyone to serve Kenyans equally,” Ruto added.

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