Shock As Form 2 Boy Pretends To Be A Woman, Scams Men In Bars For Cash

Form Two Boy disguises as woman to dupe men in barsAmos Kirui, Form Two student at Kabungut Boys High School

A section of Kenyans were left dumbfounded after a form two boy who had been disguising himself as a woman was discovered.

Amos Kirui, a form two student at Kabungut Boys Highschool was arrested after it was discovered that he was a boy pretending to be a woman and duping men in clubs and bars in Bomet County.

The 16-year-old boy is said to always dress up as a woman and aim to deceive wealthy men in bars. His strategy worked well for him until he was discovered. One of his prospects inspected Amos closely after they were unable to conclude their transaction. He noticed that Amos was a boy and not a woman as he claimed and called the police on him who arrested him.

Cases of fraud in the country have been on the rise, and many are begging the question, who is to blame? Barely two days before Amos’s incident two women who were in the ‘mechele’ business were caught and punished by an angry mob. ‘Mchele Babes ’ are famous for drugging men in clubs and robbing them of their belongings.

Other women go as far as faking pregnancies just to scam Kenyans and accord sympathy. Some Kenyans register fake employment agencies where they lie to their innocent compatriots and scum them off funds.

These isolated cases of scum in the country highlight a worrying ongoing trend. Individuals are willing to go to extreme lengths just to obtain money.

The ingenuity and audacity of these scams reflect the socio-economic challenges many face, pushing them to resort to deceptive practices for survival. The rate of unemployment has become historically high, taxes are also unbelievably high with the president promising to increase them, cost of living has also become unbearable and notorious Kenyans have resorted to dubious means to get money.

While these acts are illegal and unethical, they paint a vivid picture of the desperation many Kenyans are going through just to survive.

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