Former MCA candidate resorts to “mjengo” to earn a living

Agnes Nkanya is now leading a dilapidated life,a sharp contrast of what she lived some two years ago.

Then, Nkanya was working at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock development on a permanent and pensionable basis.

In the buildup to the August 9, 2022 General election, she resigned from her Sh. 40,000 salary job to vie for representation of Magumo ward in the county Assembly of Tharaka Nithi County.

However, she emerged third in the race, which had six candidates.

Fast forward to 2023, Ms Nkanya, a mother of one, has resorted to casual jobs, working at building sites during the day and in the evening, cleaning cars at a nearby carwash until late for a chance to earn a living.

According to the former civil servant, she makes a maximum of Sh. 500 per day from the jobs.

This, she says, prompted her to appeal for help from the President William Ruto led Kenya Kwanza administration.

“I cannot pretend I am not suffering. I plead with the President, Prof Kindiki and Governor Njuki to help me please,” she pleaded.

Further, she regrets, “I never knew one day life will reduce me to such a state in finding a coin to have a meal even just for a day. I have cut all my weight, my clothes do not fit me anymore. I am not ok at all. God who sees in secret remember me, please.”

Battle with residents

Apart from fighting for her living, MS Nkatha also struggles on another front, to convince residents and supporters that she cannot go back to her job because she resigned.

To some, she says, she is seeking for sympathy.

“Many people from Magumoni Ward, especially my supporters from Tharaka Nithi County at large, have been asking me what I am currently doing, and if I went back to work. I do not have an answer yet but here it is, I am hustling for any available casual job. I am a handy person at a construction site,” she explained.

Nkanya contested on the Devolution Party of Kenya (DPK) party, allied to Kenya Kwanza.

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