Wamunyinyi’s hard-hitting message to President Ruto

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya senatorial candidate Wafula Wamunyinyi, has hit out at President William Ruto led Kenya Kwanza administration over the high cost of living.

Speaking in Webuye West and Kanduyi Constituencies on Sunday, Wamunyinyi blasted the Kenya Kwanza administration, saying they deceived Kenyans in order to rise into power.

“William Ruto and his allies promised to form the government with mama mboga and boda boda. Are you part of the government?” He posed to congregants at Sinoko PEFA church, Webuye.

“During campaigns the President pledged to lower the price of unga, which he is yet to fulfill,” Wamunyinyi added.

According to the candidate, will what Kenyans need now is a strong opposition to check the government, which he says is turning into a one man regime.

His sentiments come against a backdrop of a pocket-breaking economy, and Fafi MP Salah Yakub’s revelation that UDA intends to sponsor a motion that seeks to scrap presidential term limits.

“Kenya needs seasoned fighters and experienced legislators in all areas to put the government in check,” he said.

Bungoma Senate race

Wamunyinyi, also Party Leader of DAP-K, is vying for the Bungoma senatorial seat in the forthcoming By-election on December 8.

He was endorsed by Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party earlier in November.

He enjoys massive support from sugarcane farmers, who feel he is better placed to replace National Assembly speaker Moses Wetang’ula.

While serving as MP, he sponsored the VAT Bill which exempted farmers from paying VAT on transportation of sugarcane to factories.

The latest is the Sugar Bill 2019 which proposes reforms in the sugar sector.

It sailed through the National Assembly, awaiting concencus in the senate.

“I will push for the concencus once elected,” he said.

On Sunday, Wamunyinyi and his entourage fellowshipped at St. Barnaba’s Catholic Church Bukembe, Sinoko PEFA church before attending an farewell ceremony for Harun Chepsir, an incharge at Salvation Army Church in Kanduyi.

For proper oversight, he argued, Bungoma residents should elect a senator from Azimio outfit.

“A Kenya Kwanza leaning Senator cannot be trusted to oversight a Kenya Kwanza governor. Only an experienced legislator from Azimio like me will ensure that Devolution funds are properly used to spur development,” Wamunyinyi said.

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