Train Robbery Suspect shot in Lugari, Kakamega County

In a dramatic turn of events, local authorities in Lugari, Kakamega County, were forced to respond with lethal force when a suspect involved in a train robbery attempt met his demise. The botched robbery unfolded on a train destined for Uganda, sending shockwaves through the region.

The deceased has been identified as Edward Sirengo, a 31-year-old man who was part of a gang of four individuals. Regrettably, Sirengo’s partners in crime managed to evade capture, leaving law enforcement agencies in hot pursuit.

According to Western Region Railway Police Commander Evans Getembe, this incident is part of a disturbing trend of robberies targeting freight trains carrying vital commodities such as rice, wheat, and other grains. In response to the escalating railway robberies, authorities have implemented new strategies to safeguard these vital cargo transport routes.

Commander Getembe stated, “We have devised new strategies due to the rampant tendency of railway robbery, and the officers escorting the freight train braved the night cold at 3:30 AM to keep vigil on the train. At Mapengo area, five men boarded the train with empty bags, crude weapons, and pliers, attempting to break the seals of the moving train.”

In an attempt to prevent further criminal activity, the police manning the train ordered the robbers to surrender peacefully. However, the suspects chose to defy these instructions, leading to a confrontation that culminated in the use of lethal force.

“They shot at the robbers, fatally wounding one who fell 200 meters away, while four others managed to escape. It is crucial for the public to understand the significance of the train and acknowledge that both the train and its cargo are secure,” emphasized Commander Getembe.

In the wake of this incident, some residents in the Mapengo area have voiced their condemnation, lamenting the fact that local youths have turned to theft rather than seeking legitimate means of livelihood.

Musa Sirengo, a resident in the vicinity, raised concerns about the prevalence of railway-related crimes and urged relevant security officials to intensify their efforts to curb this menace. “We have been witnessing vandalism of the railway line and theft of goods from moving trains, despite repeated warnings from the railway authority,” he commented.

Mr. Sirengo further revealed that several attempts to vandalize the railway line had been thwarted by vigilant villagers who took it upon themselves to protect this vital infrastructure. “Around 10 PM, three of us were walking across the railway line when we noticed a group of nine young men attempting to uproot the railway line. We managed to fend them off and promptly reported the incident to the railway office in Lugari,” he recalled.

Following the fatal encounter, law enforcement authorities are actively pursuing leads in their investigation. Recovered items from the deceased suspect, including a mobile phone, pliers, and sacks, are expected to provide critical evidence in this ongoing case.

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