Senator Olekina advises Ruto on how to ‘help’ churches

Since President William Ruto ascended to power, Kenyans have remained divided on how he has chosen to incorporate religion in his adminstration.

The president has received both praise and mockery, with some claiming that he is weaponizing the church.

However, Narok Senator Ledama Olekina, has offered to advise the president on how he can ‘help the church’.

“Mr President [William Ruto], since state house is already an extension of the church please set up an office called Faith-Based initiatives under PDU to support churches,” Ledama said on Sunday.

The senator opines that empowering the church may help in uplifting the living standards of the less-privileged.

“The Maa community has a little under 4000 churches which help orphans, widows and poor people,” the senator added.

On Sunday, Ruto joined congregants at the AIC church in Hona Bay town for a church service.

About two weeks after his inauguration, the president held a thanksgiving service at State House.

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