We are overdoing religion, Sabina Chege reacts

President William Ruto’s association with religious leaders has come under scrutiny, with some Kenyans terming it as hypocrisy.

The latest is former Murang’a Women representative Sabina Chege, who feels the president is ‘overdoing’ religion.

Speaking in the aftermath of the president’s maiden address in parliament on Thursday, Chege expressed her concern about the manner in which the session was organized.

“For the first time we have seen many clergy coming to Parliament and the prayers were quite long. I think we have overdone religion in our country; we need to see how to manage it,” she said.

The president addressed a joint session of the National Assembly and the Senate, in accordance with article 132(1) (a).

His speech was preceded by prayers from three religious leaders.

While taking his oath of office on September 13, 2022, President Ruto said his victory took the hand of God.

About two weeks later, he hosted a thanksgiving service in Statehouse, attended by the clergy.

A cross-section of Kenyans took issue with the Head of State.

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, on Monday said the house on the hill was trying to weaponize the church.

“State House should not weaponize the church. And if they do so, they will attract God,” he said on Monday.

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