Meet the Cambodian woman that married a cow

A 74-year-old Cambodian woman, Khim Hang, made headlines by marrying a 5-month-old calf, claiming it to be the reincarnation of her late husband. This extraordinary union captured the nation’s attention, with social media buzzing about the unusual love story.

Khim Hang, a resident of Cambodia’s northern city of KratiĆ©, gained widespread notoriety when she decided to tie the knot with a newborn calf , over a year after the passing of her husband. Hang firmly believes that the calf, which she affectionately refers to as her “cattle husband,” is her beloved spouse reborn.

According to Hang, the calf exhibits behavior identical to that of her late husband, even going so far as to kiss her. Her children also share in this belief, convinced that their father now resides within the bovine’s body, given that it shows affection exclusively to close family members. Hang has assured her children that they must continue caring for the calf, even after her own passing. As a result, the young bovine now shares a bed with Hang’s family.

Remarkably, the calf has garnered a substantial following on social media, drawing in over 100 curious visitors daily, all eager to witness this remarkable tale. Some observers claim that the calf moves around the house with a certain human-like comfort, while others speculate that Hang may have been overwhelmed by grief, leading her to make such an unconventional choice.

In a country where 95% of the population adheres to Buddhism, belief in reincarnation after death is widespread. This cultural backdrop may help explain the acceptance and intrigue surrounding Khim Hang’s extraordinary love story.

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