Local man stuns villagers by opting for bamboo coffin in unique farewell

In a remarkable departure from traditional funeral practices, a resident of Matungeni in Keiyo South, Elgeyo Marakwet County, made an extraordinary choice for his final resting place. Joseph Kipchoge, also known as Elder Joseph, left a lasting impression by requesting to be buried in a bamboo coffin, a move inspired by the environmental legacy of the late Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Prof. Wangari Maathai.

Elder Joseph, born in 1940, had never experienced a day of illness in his lifetime, according to accounts from local residents. His profound connection with the environment prompted him to opt for a bamboo coffin, chosen to facilitate a swift decomposition of his remains.

The unconventional choice was a first in the region and drew astonishment from those who came to bid their farewells. While some may have been taken aback by the sight of a bamboo coffin, it was a clear reflection of Elder Joseph’s commitment to environmental conservation and his desire to ease the financial burden on his loved ones during his funeral.

This unique send-off serves as a poignant reminder to the community that we all return to dust, underscoring Elder Joseph’s profound connection to the environment and his determination to leave a sustainable mark on the world.

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