Kenya-Angola Visa Free Agreement

In a historic move that is expected to strengthen ties between Kenya and Angola, President William Ruto announced on Saturday that Kenyan authorities would no longer require visas for citizens of Angola.

The momentous announcement followed a high-level meeting between President Ruto and his Angolan counterpart, João Lourenço, on October 21, 2023. President Ruto enthusiastically described the decision as a pivotal step towards fostering increased trade between the two nations.

The Kenyan leader emphasized that this move would play a significant role in promoting economic prosperity for both Kenya and Angola. President Ruto stated, “We have agreed, and I have undertaken to my brother-President Lourenço, that our brothers and sisters in Angola, with their passports, will now need no visa to come to Kenya. I am very happy that the president has agreed that Angola will equally consider the same when they go back home.”

President Ruto went on to express his belief in the vast potential and opportunities for trade between the two countries, suggesting that trade numbers could potentially reach into the billions. He also stressed that these efforts would not be confined to bilateral agreements but would instead focus on enhancing connectivity to facilitate greater integration.

Furthermore, President Ruto assured the citizens of Kenya that his administration is committed to pursuing visa-free travel for Kenyan citizens in a bid to further boost trade relations. He also pledged to expedite the resumption of direct flights between Kenya and Angola, ultimately facilitating easier and more accessible travel between the two nations. This latest development signifies a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between Kenya and Angola.

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