Nation Hears President’s Plans for Hope

In his first State of the Nation address, President William Ruto spoke to both houses of Parliament, aiming to lift the spirits of a nation weighed down by economic hardship and high taxes.

The president’s address, consisting of 5,863 words, lasted just over an hour and focused on his administration’s efforts to steer Kenya towards economic success.

Addressing his campaign promises, Ruto highlighted the progress his administration has made in judicial and National Police Service reforms. He also addressed the high cost of living, attributing it to food security issues and outlining strategies to support agricultural production.

The president acknowledged the country’s struggle with public borrowing and emphasized the need for responsible financial management. He announced plans to pay off a $2 billion Eurobond in December 2023.

President Ruto also celebrated the success of the Hustler Fund, which has disbursed billions of shillings and boasted an impressive 73% repayment rate.

In delivering on his campaign pledge to provide affordable housing, Ruto assured Kenyans that his administration was working to ensure that citizens live in dignity.

The president’s address aimed to offer reassurance and inspire hope in the face of the nation’s economic challenges.

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