Unwavering DP Ruto lambasts President Uhuru over “rotational presidency” outburst

DP William Ruto has light moments with former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has yet again, amid impeachment threats, lambasted President Uhuru Kenyatta over remarks that the presidency has been dominated by two communities and that it was time for other communities to take charge.

Speaking in Bomet County on Friday, DP Ruto, who was joined by Chama cha Mashinani boss Isaac Rutto, said leaders should be elected based on their development track-record,

Further, he said that gone were the days when leaders were elected based on their tribes.

“We want to tell those telling us about rotational presidency or rotational leadership that we are not interested in leadership that is arrived at through rotary on ethnicity or clan or other petty issues. We want leaders to be elected on account of their vision, plan and manifesto,” said the DP.

Constitutional amend clamor

Dr. Ruto maintained that the ongoing cry for Constitutional amendment through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is not a priority for Kenyans at the moment.

“I want to tell these friends of ours that Kenyans know what is the priority for them. Kenyans know that changing the constitution and creation of additional positions and seats for a few politicians is not a priority. The focus right is to attend to the needs of the ordinary people and the economy to make sure that every hustle counts,” he said.

Commission projects

Ruto was in Bomet to among other things commission several projects, hand over a bus to the National Super League side Silibwet FC and preside over a fundraiser for boda boda Saccos in Sotik.

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