U.D.A gives a rejoinder on ANC’s impeachment claim

UDA party chairman Johnston Muthama. Photo: Courtesy

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) – a party associated with Deputy President William Ruto – has laughed off threats by ANC to sponsor impeachment motion against the DP saying the party has no numbers.

According to The Star, top party officials termed as ridiculous the censure threats by Musalia Mudavadi led party stating the plan will not see the light of the day.

Former Kakamega senator Dr. Boni Khalwale said ANC with its 13 elected MPs in the National Assembly cannot even produce a chair of a committee.

“Impeachment motion is a question of numbers, ANC has 13 members of Parliament, it means even in a committee of Parliaments of 29 members, ANC does not have majority to force to get a chair of a committee,” Khalwale said.

He added: “To attest to this, all committees in parliament, ANC does not have a chair either in National Assembly or Senate.”

Further, Khalwale said nobody should threaten Ruto with impeachment when he is yet to join UDA.

“They (ANC), have told the public that they want to impeach the DP. We are wooing the DP when he finishes his term in 2022 to join our party so ANC should not start intimidating the DP just because it looks like he might associate with UDA,” he said.

Khalwale, a vocal Ruto’s lieutenant spoke during the presentation of UDA nomination certificate to Urbanus Ngegele Muthama who will fly the party’s flag in the March 18 Machakos senatorial by-election.

On Tuesday, ANC Party asked Ruto to resign or face impeachment over his remarks at the weekend.

“He called the President a tribalist. How can you say your boss is a tribalist?” Posed ANC deputy party leader Ayub Savula, adding that Ruto’s sentiments warrant calls for his resignation.

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