“Tabia Mbaya”, Kenyans drag Ababu Namwamba after he does the ‘shameful’ to NYS officer

A number of Kenyans are angry and disappointed at newly appointed Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba.

This is after a video posted by Nation Africa showed the CS standing up while an NYS officer was shining his shoes. The CS was making his way during the handing-over ceremony when the young NYS officer was seen busy shining his shoes.

Netizens have not taken this lightly as some have dragged the CS on the mad for allowing the officer to shine his shoes. Others even labeled it slavery.

Here are some comments:

dinarzad: Disrespectful of him to even stand and condone that.

wafulamelvin97: This is stupidity..He is taking advantage of that Young Man..SMDH

jessewilliams230: unbelievable…! in this day and age….these are the modern day slave masters!

ernest_diha: Why would a whole CS let someone do that. Absolute disgrace.

fatex006:We still leaving in this colonial habit why would a whole CS behave like this.

makorysteve: The African way of doing things. They’ve become gods

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