Sad: Two-year old boy with fork jembe lodged in head dies in hospital

The two-year-old boy whose photos caused an uproar online has passed on at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi.

The viral photos showed the boy with a fork jembe lodged in his head, dying on Wednesday evening after allegedly having to wait for too long before receiving emergency treatment at the hospital.

His mother says he died on the surgeon’s table.

He had been rushed to KNH, the biggest referral hospital in East and Central Africa, after initially being rushed to Thika Level V Hospital.

She had complained of delays from KNH staff at the Casualty Wing, saying they were told the medics were attending to a different emergency.

KNH was later forced to defend itself against uproar by Kenyans as to why it took so long to attend to the minor.

“The patient had lost a lot of blood and as a result, the clotting process was not occurring as expected, thereby, delaying the surgical procedure as this would have been dangerous to the patient,” read the statement in part.

Further, they said “the patient has since been stabilized and is currently undergoing a delicate operation at the KNH.”

The child was reportedly injured while playing with his siblings and friends near his home. One of the children found the fork jembe and began running after the other children with it before he allegedly hit the two-year-old with it.

Scans revealed the jembe lodged in his head and into the brain.

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