President Ruto’s ADC under fire over “lack of basic military drills”

It is one week since President William Ruto replaced his carryover Aide-de-camp, but hawk-eyed Kenyans have been quick to notice the unprecedented posture of an ADC.

Col Fabian Lengusuranga was on October 4, 2022 promoted to the rank, replacing Brigadier Timothy Lenokolool.

However, his posture, matching style and sometimes looking absentminded has become a subject under discussion.

He first came under scrutiny when he accompanied the president on a tour to Ethiopia last week.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir slammed the ADC, saying he “lacks basic military drills.”

According to Kileleshwa MCA and blogger Robert Alai, Col Lengusuranga should be taken to a refresher course.

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