President Ruto announces new college funding

Vulnerable and “extremely needy” students will not pay fees effective this year, President William Ruto announced Wednesday.

President Ruto announced a new a new model of funding university education, which he said will be through government scholarships, loans and bursaries.

According to the Head of State, students from needy households joining universities will receive Government scholarships of up to a maximum of 53 per cent and loans of up to 40 per cent.

Their households, the President explained, will only pay seven per cent of the cost of their university education.

“Those joining TVETs will receive Government scholarships up to a maximum of 50 per cent and 30 per cent in loans,” he noted.

Such households will pay 20 per cent of the costs.

According to the model, the “less needy” students joining university will be funded through a Government scholarship of up to a maximum of 38 per cent of the cost of the programme and 55 per cent in form of loans.

Their households will pay only seven per cent.

For those joining TVETS, they will be funded 32 per cent for Government scholarship, 48 per cent for loans and their households will pay 20 per cent of the costs.

President Ruto observed that it was the Government’s commitment to ensure all students are supported adequately in their education.

“No student will ever be left behind,’ he announced.

The President said a new funding model is inevitable to solve the financial crises that public universities are in.

The scholarships and loans, he explained at a media briefing on Wednesday at State House, will be distributed equitably.

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