“Let them be, ni Wakenya!”- Ruto ally defends Oburu Odinga

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, a Kenya Kwanza ally on Saturday jumped to the defense of Siaya Senator Dr. Oburu Odinga.

Dr. Oburu is ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s brother.

The first time senator had on Friday claimed he had been unfairly branded as greedy, following his interest in House Committees.

In a thread of tweets, Dr. Oburu defended himself, saying he only had interest in two committees, not four as some had claimed.

“Therefore, it is not illegal for me to give my interest to be a member of PSC. I represent people of Siaya who elected me to be their senator,” his tweet read in part.

However, lawyer Ahmednasir defended Dr. Oburu and the entire Odinga family, which he says is unfairly treated.

“Kenyans are unfair to members of the Odinga Family. First, they were told not to contest any seat because Raila will give them jobs in State House,” he tweeted.

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