Lendrix Waswa in the greater Wetangula Bungoma political matrix

In My Humble Opinion:

For those saying that Bungoma businessman Joseph Lendrix Waswa was a non starter in the Bungoma Senatorial race are completely obnoxious!

For any serious Party politician to try and court Waswa into their corner as a front runner in what is an important election race in Bungoma, in the wider Moses Wetangula national political matrix, is an enough pointer to the fact that Lendrix Waswa actually posed a serious political threat to Ford Kenya Senatorial Candidate Wafula Wakoli.

That Papa Wa Roma and leading Ford Kenya Party stalwarts, for weeks held numerous andakava meetings to try and persuade Lendrix to drop his bid is enough to tell you the man was feared.

For those in the know, the Makhese based businessman, with wide interests in chicken farming, the real estate, logistics, entertainment and hospitality industry, had put together a financial and human resource political war chest and was serious and ready to mount a well oiled campaign to win the Senatorial seat.

Joseph Lendrix Waswa speaking to the finalists of the Joseph Lendrix Waswa Webuye West Soccer Festival in Webuye, Sunday

You don’t go spending millions of shillings to put together a Soccer Tournament (hire referees, buy uniforms and sports equipment for all the teams in the tournament, hire grounds, spend on publicity and logistics etc), in all the 9 Bungoma Constituencies, rent and set up a fully fledged Campaign Command Centre and Secretariat, (the Joseph Lendrix Command Centre), hire campaign strategists and put bloggers on a daily payroll, spend serious resources on printing promotional material, buying guzzlers, campaign vehicles, mounting top of the range Public Address systems of two landrovers, if you are not serious about running for political office!

Privy to the many strategy meetings the man held to orchestrate this massive Senatorial campaign, Lendrix was absolutely sure in his mind to marshall a good percentage of Bungoma youth, women and pockets of electorates in Sirisia, Webuye East and West, Mt. Elgon, Tongaren and Bumula to bag the seat.

Joseph Lendrix Waswa, Bungoma Businessman

It is instrumental to note that the businessman, who has in numerous occasions funded Ford Kenya political operations in Bungoma, would have considered this option, when respecting the wishes of the Party Leader and top officials in shelving his ambition for Wakoli.

A Lendrix Waswa candidacy, would have massively wounded his beloved Ford Kenya and left many casualties in the aftermath of the campaign, some opine.

For sure, with this decision of succumbing to pressure to step down for Wafula Wakoli, Mr. Waswa’s political future is secured and you can take it to the bank that when a political opportunity presents in the future in Bungoma, you can bet that, then, Mr. Speaker Sir will remember Joseph Lendrix Waswa loyalty, as he has remembered his long serving loyal Personal Assistant Wafula Wakoli, and literally scattered the field to fight his battles, and clear the path for him (Lendrix)!

Speaker Moses Wetangula

As day follows night, Speaker Moses Wetangula, indeed, struts the Bungoma and National Politics like a collosus and anyone going against the grain will face his wrath, and be defeated!

‘If you go against Wetangula, you are going against Government’, Lendrix was quoted at the finals of his Joseph Lendrix Waswa Webuye East Soccer Festival Finals in Webuye’s PanPaper Stadium!

If Moses Wetangula managed to silence his political critics in the just concluded elections, when he was OUT OF GOVERNMENT, you can imagine what he will do to his real and imagined opponents, now that he is Speaker of The National Assembly, a co Principal to the President of the Republic of Kenya and Third in Command in the Republic!

The man is literally unstoppable!

In my honest opinion, Weta is scheming for 2027 and will ruthlessly crush any opposition to make that path clear. All you need to do is rewatch the just concluded Cabinet Secretary Vetting process and understand how powerful the man currently is!

Ford Kenya is the rebranded Lion that in due time will be a political monster to outmatch United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in larger Western Kenya in the future.

As we watch the unfolding events with bated breathe, let us also brace for bruising political battles with Ford Kenya as various leading lights in the Party begin to fight for and consolidate their political positions and turfs.

Hon. Martin Pepela Wanyonyi, MP, Webuye East, Bungoma County

In my parting shot, please keep an keen eye on the fast rising Webuye East MP Martin Pepela Wanyonyi aka Investor, whose rising fortunes may see him elevated into the Party Top Structures as Ford Kenya rebrands and repositions it’s fortunes.


IMHO: Lendrix Waswa in the wider Wetangula – Ford Kenya Political Equation

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