Witchcraft gone wrong? Preacher arrested naked in neighbors’ farm


A middle-aged man from Mwingi in Kitui was nabbed naked on the farm of one of the residents of Kairungu Village in what the villagers term as a “witchcraft incident gone wrong”.

The suspect, identified only as Kyalo, who fellowships at GFBC Church in Kiomo, was alone in the firm during the 7am incident.

It remains unknown what he was doing in the garden, though police have taken up the matter.

According to one of the villagers, Justus Mwaniki, Kyalo had approached him Monday evening and said he would pray for him early Tuesday after denouncing special prayers that members of Mwaniki’s church had held for him on Monday.

Mwaniki says Kyalo had asked him to give him a goat in exchange for the prayers.

On Monday, local residents found him naked on the farm of a villager.

Area chief, Daniel Kyumbo, says the suspect confirmed to him that he buried human hair and a bottle containing yet-to-be revealed substances in the farm, paraphernalia he uses to dupe his congregants into believing that his prayers always yield results.

“I often pray for people, and, thereafter, put an object around their wrist. There is a place I have buried human hair and a bottle. So, after ‘praying’ for the victims, I tell them that there are evil spirits haunting them, and I take them to where I have buried the bottle and human hair and tell them that the objects are the ones responsible for their woes,” Kyalo told chief Kyumbo.

Another resident, Justus Mwaniki, who fellowships with Kyalo, said he couldn’t resist his approaches for “special” prayers because “in church, we trust him so much. He is like the second in command after the lead pastor”.

“I am shocked to learn that he has been using questionable stunts to get money,” said Mwaniki.

Kyalo was arrested and taken to a Kitui police post as investigations continue.

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