William Ruto calls on leaders to prioritise ordinary people’s needs

Deputy President William Ruto has urged leaders to prioritise the needs of ordinary people amid constitutional amendment talks.

He said it would be unfair to focus on the needs of a few leaders over those of millions of Kenyans living in poverty.

Dr Ruto said talks about the creation of leadership positions should play second fiddle to the needs of the people.

“There are those who want us not to talk about the needs of ordinary people. But we will not stop. We must change our leadership approach to be heavy on the lower part of the wealth pyramid,” he said.

The Deputy President said it was time Kenyans moved away from tribal politics and instead focus on empowerment initiatives that would transform their lives.

He asked leaders to direct their energy on addressing the various challenges affecting ordinary citizens

“This time round, they should not tell us about tribes; they should tell us about the needs of ordinary Kenyans,” argued Dr Ruto.

The Deputy President spoke today in Igembe South and Tigania West Constituencies in Meru County where he inspected various development projects and led several empowerment programmes.

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