US auto workers strike

Photo courtesy of Reuters

More than 10,000 autoworkers in the US have today stopped working after the United Auto Workers  union(UAW) launched a strike targeting three major manufacturers.

The union members began picketing outside plants operated by General motors,Ford and Stellantis. This was after after failed talks between the union amd management.

The strike is expected to trigger high prices for buyers as well as halt production of popular car models including  Jeep Wranglers, Ford Bronco and Chevrolet Colorudo.

The union has demanded for a 40 percent pay rise over four years  inclusive of other benefits, noting a comparable rise in pay for company  leaders. This is contrary to a lower offer of 17.5-20 percent pay rise exclusive of other benefits being offered by the companies. In a statement, Ford said that the UAW’S proposal would  more than double it US labour costs.

The strike participants are due to receive  500 dollars in weekly strike benefits from the union,but that would be lower compared to their wages. Workers said the three auto giants could afford to be more generous after years of making  record profits.

Analysts say that the strike could pose a threat  to president Joe Biden’s November 2024 re-election bid, having potrayed himself as a union friendly president. The Whitehouse has said that President Biden had earlier on spoken on phone with Mr Fain(AUW president) about the negotiations.