UDA leaders oppose formation of Maasai political party

In a recent Narok UDA delegates meeting, leaders from the UDA party voiced their opposition to the formation of a Maasai political party, claiming that the Maasai community is already represented within the ruling party.

Sonkoi Lemein, the Narok Majority Leader, asserted that Narok County is predominantly a UDA zone, citing the significant number of UDA members within the county.

“Narok county is a UDA zone because the majority of our leaders were elected on the UDA party tickets, starting from the governor, women representative and even the county assembly is dominated by UDA,” Lemein stated.

He went on to express his disapproval of the formation of a Maasai political party, declaring that Narok cannot be part of such a party.

Lemein also commended the high number of registrations that the UDA party has achieved in the county, as well as the number of defectors who have joined the party.

Isaac Kool, a defector to the UDA party, announced his intention to lead others from Narok North sub-county in efforts to make the area a UDA zone in order to benefit from the government.

Kool emphasized that he will not be part of the new proposed Maasai Political party and predicted that Narok North sub-county is on the verge of becoming a fully fledged UDA party zone.

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