Televangelist James Ng’ang’a arrested for threatening Citizen TV Journalist

Neno Evangelism Centre televangelist James Ng’ang’a has been arrested over threats he allegedly made to Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai.

Pastor Ng’ang’a was arrested on Sunday night and taken in for questioning at the headquarters of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Kiambu Road.

Mr Kaikai, the director of strategy and innovation at Royal Media Services, which owns Citizen TV, on Monday confirmed that he had filed an official complaint with the DCI.

The suspect is set to be arraigned today.

Last week, the controversial preacher released a sensational video clip in social media issuing threats of unknown consequences against the journalist who had criticised rogue preachers and called for regulation of the religious sector, including a requirement of higher education for clerics.

Mr Kaikai had hit out at religious leaders who exploit their flock in the name of God.

“We are dealing with thieves, not men of God. These are cold blooded evangelical vampires living off the blood of their flock in the name of Jesus. They are conmen who must have their date with our police and our law courts,” Mr Kaikai had said, on his hard hitting statement at Citizen TV.

In a rejoinder, the self-proclaimed ‘miracle worker’ condemned the journalist and warned against interference with the church.

Wewe kijana wachana na mambo zako… na kama umeingia laini ya Pastor Ng’ang’a, my friend you will face the consequences…wewe utakimbia tu (Young man, stop your nonsense. If you’ve decided to cross Pastor Ng’ang’a’s line, my friend you will face the consequences. You will have to run),” the preacher said in his short clip.

His sentiments drew widespread condemnation from the public, with journalists calling for his arrest.

The scribes also criticized preachers who have been threatening journalists either directly or through proxies, including their followers in social media.

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