Shame as university girls exchange blows over man

Residents of Tumaini area in Ongata Rongai woke up to a fracas between three university students living around Mandazi Road.

The three are said to be students from the Multimedia University of Kenya. The fight involved two girls over one boy; one lady is a resident of the university halls within the institution whereas the other two are non-resident students living outside the school.

One of the girls identified as Daisy said she received a call from a certain person late in the night informing her that her boyfriend was entertaining a woman in his house. She invaded the house at dawn.

She said she knocked the door but her boyfriend did not open up for her, so she took her spare key and went straight into the bedroom to find her boyfriend with the “guest” in bed.

Daisy pulled the “guest” from bed and dragged her out of the house. The “guest” was at the mercy of neighbours who offered her a leso.

“Ulidhani sitakupata,” were her words to the boyfriend.

The “guest” left in huff after being rescued by neighbours.

A furious Daisy broke her boyfriend’s mobile phone, hitting it hard against the wall.

Her actions attracted the landlord who demanded that she leaves the premises.

The shocked man had no words, and had to lock himself in the room.

The matter was not reported to the police, with the neighbourhood sliding back into quietness.

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