Father beats son to death after losing video game

A father who allegedly beat his one-month-old son to death after losing a video game has been charged with murder.

Anthony Trice, from Kentucky, USA, is accused by police of hitting the boy in the head and then dropping him on the floor while carrying him to the kitchen.

He then allegedly propped his son up in a seated position and went to the bathroom, later calling the emergency services when he realised the boy was in distress.

However, his son died in Norton Children’s Hospital on Sunday and Trice now faces charges for murder and child abuse, reports claim.

The 26-year-old launched the attack at his home in Louisville, Kentucky, after losing a video game and chucking his controller away from him in frustration, according to an arrest slip.

It is not yet known whether Trice dropped the boy, called De’Anthony Trice, deliberately or accidentally while carrying him to the kitchen to make a bottle, according to WVLT.

His grandmother, Tonija Michelle, set up a GoFundMe page in a bid to raise Sh500, 000 for the new born’s funeral.

She wrote: “We need your help. Some of you have seen on the news we were recently hit with a tragedy.

“None of us saw this coming and we need help to bury my grandson. Please help our family with prayers and support. God bless you.”

So far the family have raised more than Sh100, 000.

Trice’s bond has been set at Sh100 million.

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