OCS arrested for bribery

Photo courtesy of KBC

In a recent incident, Chief Inspector Duncan Otieng, the Officer in Charge (OCS) of Ruai Police Station, was apprehended by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for allegedly soliciting bribes to release individuals held in police custody. The detainees were arrested without apparent cause by officers from Ruai Police Station at Fun City Club in Utawala on Friday night.

These revelers found themselves behind bars at Ruai Police Station until the following day, when OCS Duncan Otieng demanded a Ksh 5,000 bribe from each of them for their unconditional release. Otieng purportedly threatened them with prolonged detention and charges of public intoxication if they didn’t comply.

Upon investigating these claims, EACC detectives arrested the OCS while he was in the process of accepting the bribes. He was taken into custody at Integrity Centre Police Station and is presently detained at Kilimani Police Station, pending further legal action.

Twalib Mbarak, the CEO of EACC, expressed concern over the recurring issue of OCSs detaining citizens and extorting bribes for their release. He urged law enforcement officers to cease such practices and emphasized that individuals are sometimes detained without proper records in the Occurrence Book (OB) and then coerced into paying bribes to secure their freedom.

The CEO commended citizens for reporting such instances of corruption to the EACC and encouraged Kenyans to uphold the rule of law in all circumstances.