MP Salasya shocks nation with 97k monthly salary

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has left the nation in profound shock, after going online with his Parliamentary Service Commission payslip.

The now controversial lawmaker is in the spotlight again, after revealing that he earns what appears peanuts for a parliamentarian.

The slip capped the MP’s gross pay at a total of Ksh.1,171,525.

However, it was the deductions column that captured the attention of many Kenyans on Twitter (KoT).

According to the MP’s payslip, he takes home Sh.97, 197.80 which was surprising to many, but not as much as one specific item.

It is the controversial legislator’s mortgage contribution of a whopping Ksh.563,000 that finally broke the camel’s back, with many netizens wondering why.

The payslip shared by MP Salasya

“Let me demonstrate to Hon Aaron cheruiyot, deputy prezda (DP) Gachagua, my great friend CS Murkomen that all Kenyans have shares in this country. I CONTRIBUTE 300K plus to revenue and the president is the only our watchman for our contributions and its our right to ask for development,” he captioned the payslip while sharing on Twitter.

This immediately left KoT talking, remaining divided in opinion.

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