Jackie Matubia, Milly Chebby Unfollow each other on IG

In a shocking turn of events, the once inseparable best friends, Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia and social media influencer Milly Chebby, have unfollowed each other on Instagram, leaving their fans and followers in a frenzy of speculation.

The rift in their friendship became public when Jackie Matubia shared a cryptic TikTok video addressing the unfollowing, seemingly aimed at her former bestie. In the video, she nonchalantly remarked, “Did you really unfollow me, b*tch relax, it’s just Instagram, yes I unfollowed you.”

Milly Chebby, on the other hand, responded to a fan’s inquiry about the unfollowing with apparent innocence. She claimed not to be aware that she had been unfollowed and commented, “Gai, mko serious, ndo naskia na nyinyi, acha I go and confirm, it’s called seasons of life, it’s very normal, it’s well.”

Jackie and Milly, known for their long-standing friendship, have often been seen attending each other’s events and making public appearances together, previously referring to one another as siblings. However, subtle signs of strain in their relationship began to surface through minimal interactions noticed by their keen-eyed followers.

The situation escalated when Milly Chebby started missing out on Jackie Matubia’s events and parties, which was reciprocated by Matubia’s absence from Chebby’s gatherings. These actions signaled a potential rift in their once close-knit friendship.

Just a few days back, Jackie Matubia faced queries from fans regarding her nonattendance at Milly Chebby’s traditional wedding, which was attended by close friends and fellow content creators. Responding to the inquiries, Matubia remarked, “Why do I need to defend myself when they’ve already labeled me as having a bad heart and not having a husband?”

Meanwhile, netizens flooded Milly Chebby’s social media pages with questions as she shared snapshots from her own traditional wedding ceremony. One follower inquired, “Hey Chebby, where’s your friend? We miss seeing you both together @jmatubia.” In response, the influencer expressed herself with a series of sigh emojis.

The unfollowing on Instagram and the recent events have left fans wondering if this once unbreakable bond is now on the rocks. Only time will tell if these two celebrities can reconcile and mend their strained friendship.