Huyu mzee alianza kusumbua kabla hata nizaliwe – Linet Toto

Bomet woman representative, Linet Chepkorir, commonly known as “Toto” has launched a blistering attack on Raila Odinga, the head of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya.

Toto characterized Raila’s political strategy by asserting that it is always polluted with violence and dishonesty.

While speaking at a thanksgiving event in Baringo, the young legislator said Raila began holding protests before she was born, much like the current Azimio protests.

Toto lambasted the ODM leader for consistently insisting that his election as president had been stolen.

“He started in 1997 before I was born. He came to 2002, 2007, 2017 and now 2022. He has always claimed his illusive presidential win has been stolen,” Toto lashed at Raila.

President William Ruto was duly elected by Kenyans, according to the youngest female representative, who went viral online after winning the parliamentary seat at just 24 years old.

She pleaded with President Ruto to concentrate on the presidency and fulfill his pledges to Kenyans.

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