COTU calls for workers pay increment

Photo by KBC

Amid fierce criticism from the Azimio coalition, Central Organization of  Trade Unions(COTU) officials lead by Secretary General Benson Okwaro stated that unless the government gets a way of cushioning workers by giving a corresponding 50% wage increment, the union might resort to industrial action. They warned that increasing cost of fuel in the country will expose Kenyans to more suffering.

Okwaro further noted that despite their being no substantial salary increment for the Kenyan workers in the past four years, the workers have had several new deductions on their pay slips including the recent housing levy. He appealed to the government to come up with ways of addressing not only the high cost of fuel but also the high cost of living in general.

His words were further echoed by the Kenya Electrical Trade and Allied Workers Union(KETAWU) secretary general Ernest Nadome said Kenyan workers were finding it difficult to meet their daily obligations. ”The Kenyan worker is suffering . We are bearing the brunt of all taxes, we are absorbing the high cost living, we are working for the sake of struggling to pay bill,” Nadome said.

COTU officials also used the same opportunity to call on the government to disband the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) for what they termed as a deliberate effort to kill trade unions in the country.