Autopsy shows Erick Maigo was stabbed 25 times

According to a close to 3 hours log autopsy conducted by chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor on the body of the late Nairobi hospital finance boss Erick Maigo (who was found dead at his Woodley home ) at the Lee funeral home, Maigo was stabbed 25 times in the chest, neck and face and what led to his death was internal bleeding.

Dr Oduor also stated that the body lacked defense injuries to suggest absence of a struggle. At the center of the death investigation is a mysterious woman who is reported to have gone home with Maigo on Thursday night and escaped minutes before police arrived at the scene by allegedly jumping over fence. Maigo’s friends and family who have since recorded statements with the police say that he had  no known female friend or spouse. Detectives have now widened to include anyone who came into contact with the late Maigo. Dr Oduor said that they had taken DNA samples from the body to establish who had been in contact with Erick on that day.

On friday the Nairobi hospital chief executive officer James Nyamongo issued a memo to the staff informing them of their colleagues death. In the memo Nyamongo paid tribute to the late Maigo as a dedicated member of staff who gave his best for the success of the Nairobi hospital.