Akothee blasts celebs at daughter’s graduation party

Kenyan singer Akothee alias Boss lady together with baby daddy number one Jared Okello, threw a bash for their first born child Vesha Okello on Wednesday, who graduated from Strathmore University.

The all-white- party was held at Kempinski and was attended by stars and celebs among them Lilian Muli, MCA Tricky, Dr Ofweneke and Mc Jessy.

Akothee was irritated on how celebs were concentrating and using their phones as the party went on.

Speaking at the centre of the party, she blasted the invited celebs for being self absorbed, ignorant and not listening and following what was going on at the party.

“When I’m invited to an event I do what has taken me there. If it is taking photos, I walk in and get invited, I sit down and take few photos then I keep my phone. When you start chatting with people who are not in the event, you are a disgrace to yourself. I’m sorry it would have been better for you to stay outside than bringing shame to yourself,” protested Akothee.

She criticised the act by informing them it would be better if they would stay off the party rather than ashaming themselves on youtube.

“When you look at yourself on Youtube you will realise that the whole time your head was down, people are clapping and listening but you are doing nothing. If you wanted to come here and take photos with them, come by yourself,” she added.

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