Karatina University Students destroy police car during demonstrations

Students at Karatina University attacked a police car over awful living standards at the institution during a demonstration.

It is said that the students have also damaged property in the university causing the school to close indefinitely on Wednesday 2nd.

According to allegations the riots were caused by mistreatment of the management resulting to their protest, they also complained that the examination schedule was tight and that the administration was not considerate about their issues.

“We have been silent when they increase school fees each and every year. We were fighting for our rights peacefully but they called the police on us,” stated one of the protesters.

“We have done more than two sets of examinations in less than three weeks. We cannot do another exam at this point. We need time to revise,” added another.

Some students have claimed that they were shot at with live bullets as the police the police threw teargas while protesting.

They further said that they were seeking the administration to change its operations together with fee reduction.

“We need our fees to be reduced. We need the VC to listen to the students. We need the rights of the students to be adhered to,” he added.

Police have responded to the incident saying that they had identified individuals behind the  destruction of property.

“They broke windows, those are the damages we found. We will contain the situation and dispersed the students,” stated the officer.

The students were ordered to evacuate the buildings by Thursday, December 3, 2020.

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