Acheni Upuuzi! Raila tells President Ruto and DP Gachagua

President William Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, have received a reprimand from opposition leader Raila Odinga for making what he called “empty threats.”

Raila dismissed the pair at a speech at Kamukunji on Monday, saying he wouldn’t be intimidated. He insisted that he cannot be shaken and threatened.

“Ruto na huyo Gachagua wake, wacheni upuzi , Kenya si yenu,” he said.

Raila also urged Kenyans to support those whose August 2022 elections were rigged.

Speaking during a rally at the Kamukunji grounds, Raila declared that he was willing to go to jail, but he would still fight the Ruto administration.

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