Willy Paul is sacrificing his dancers for fame and money – fans

Motivational singer Willy Paul is grieving once more scarcely two weeks subsequent to losing one of his dancers.

The vocalist posted to his social media account to report that Val’s dear companion Joan, passed away on January 2.

“We just lost another!! This is sad. The girl in front with a yellow jacket is the late val_ aurah that we just buried the other day. Now, the girl at the back in red from the same group just lost her life yesterday. This is so confusing, she was val’s friend from one dance crew ya nyumbani. The devil is on the loose guys. Keep praying r.i.p Joan.” said Willy Paul on social media. 

Val passed on scarcely two weeks before Joan following a road mishap along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway while returning from a dancing gig.

Several Kenyans believe that the artist has a hand in the two deaths.

Some Kenyans on social media claims that Willy Paul has offered them as sacrifice with the goal that his new studio prospers this year.

Here’s what Kenyans said:

m.o.ni.c.a__@willy.paul.msafi stop sacrificing your dancers for fame and money..the next person will be you who Kenyans sacrifice cz tumechoka na wewe..kwenda uko

bbevakish Huyo ni wa pili ume sacrifice next ni wewe tuna sacrifice. Shenzi wewe

gracesila32 What’s up Pose! Aki usiwe you’re behind this. I beg you in the name of God, you better stop the Gospel if this is the way.

vickygoldenboy @nairobi_finesst my question is that mbna si madancer wegine wanakufa Ni hao tu wa willy Kuna kitu inaedelea

shanizenjugun Repent I repeat repent juzi ulkua unaimba gospel sa unaimba vitu hazieleweki kama ni secular ama ni nn.

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