Trio Mio collaborates with Wiz khalifa

Kenya’s emerging Gengetone artist, Trio Mio, has reached an international milestone by collaborating with the renowned American rap artist, Wiz Khalifa, on their latest track, “Same Block.”

The 18-year-old artist excitedly shared the news with his fans, announcing the availability of the highly-anticipated song on various digital music platforms.

Trio Mio expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Young, gifted, and making moves! 🌟 dropped a banger with none other than @wizkhalifa and @moeazy 🎤🎶 ‘Same Block’ is out now on all digital sound platforms. This is your reminder that dreams know no age – chase them relentlessly! 🚀💪 #SameBlock.”

The track, released just two days ago, also features two other artists, Anweezy and Moeazy.

The initial announcement of Trio’s collaboration with Wiz Khalifa came from Jinx, the manager of artist relations at Boomplay. Jinx emphasized the importance of collaborations for young artists’ creative development and profile enhancement.

Indeed, this collaboration is a significant step in the young rapper’s career, with the possibility of the music project hitting the airwaves in August, according to Jinx.

Trio Mio’s journey to fame began in 2019 with his debut track ‘Vile Inafaa’/Bazeng, produced by JB. In 2020, he gained recognition with the release of ‘Cheza kama wewe,’ a song that quickly took over the Kenyan music scene.

His popularity continued to grow after collaborating on a remix of the song with Mejja, Exray, and Nellythegoon. At just 18 years old, Trio Mio has consistently delivered chart-topping hits such as ‘Cheza kama wewe,’ ‘Vumilia,’ and ‘Bazenga-vile inafaa.’