Teacher commits suicide after class 6 pupil revealed “pregnancy secret” between them

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A teacher in Kisiani committed suicide on Thursday after a class six pupil revealed that he impregnated her.

The pupil broke an agreement they both reached to keep the matter a secret.

He impregnated the pupil a month ago, before he agreed with her parents that he would cater for all the educational costs of the child.

Be that as it may, the girl and her parents breached the agreement, and informed the authority protecting the rights of the children in the constituency.

Police started a search for the teacher who had since escaped.

They found the primary school teacher locked inside his house and hanging dead.

“The teacher committed suicide after learning that the police were looking forward to arresting him. He said that if the parents hadn’t broken the vow, he would still be alive,” Maseno police boss told Urban Radio.

He left behind a suicide note claiming that he committed suicide because his life was never meant to rot in jail, or suffer in the hands of the cops.

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