Plans to incorporate people living with disabilities in county governance

disabilitiesPeople living with disabilities attending a function at Kabuchai, Bungoma county.

The county government of Bungoma has put in place plans to incorporate people living with disabilities in the county governance.

Bungoma Governor Wyclif Wangamati said this during the world day for disabilities at Kabuchai.

“We understand that the theme of the day is ” inclusion”. My executive has put it place measures to ensure that people living with disabilities are fully included in our operations.” He assured.

Meanwhile, the governor used the opportunity to persuade the residents to throw their weight behind the BBI report.

He cited that Bungoma is set to reap more from the proposals asserting that the county will gain about three hundred million shillings from Constituency Development Fund.

“We are lucky that the report will give us additional constituencies which translate to more funds to our county. This report will see Mwanachi reap the fruits of devolution through channeling more resources to the counties.”

Governor Wangamati urged county officials to shun away from propaganda about the report and asked them to vote for the BBI saying that Bungoma has done well in terms of signature collection.

On her side, the CEC for gender in the county government of Bungoma Everlyn Kakai requested the governor to create a directorate headed by a person living with disabilities for easier inclusivity.

She said that the population of people living with disabilities is large and there is the need for extensive representation.

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