Mt. Elgon finally throws weight behind BBI

Mt. Elgon ward MCA Hillary Kiptalam and Jane Chepkorom signing a BBI document on Monday at Kapsokwany.

A section of leaders from Mt. Elgon have vowed to support the BBI report, as it proposes an addition of three more constituencies to Bungoma County.

Earlier on, the leaders had been advising residents not to dance to the BBI reggae, on the pretext that their issues had not been featured in the report.

“We sent our delegation to Nairobi to present the suggestions of our people to the BBI committee. Bungoma County is large geographically and densely populated. This prioritizes it when it comes to giving out additional constituencies suggested in the report.”

Bungoma County minority leader Francis Chemion said on Monday during an open discussion with the residents on BBI report at Kapsokwony.

He added that Mt. Elgon deserves all the three constituencies.
Jane Chepkrom, a nominated MCA said that it’s the highest time the government considered including marginalized communities in governance.

“Mt. Elgon people have been forgotten in terms of development and governance. Therefore as a way of ensuring fair representation in the parliament, BBI must consider giving the region more constituencies.” She stated.

On the other hand, a member of Sabaot Council of Elders decried marginalisation of the region. He threatened that “should Mt. Elgon fail to get its share in the report”, it should not be part of Bungoma county.
“Mt. Elgon is the main source of resources found in the county of Bungoma, but the residents have been neglected. Those who say that Tongaren, Kanduyi and Bumula also requested for constituencies, should produce documents of their demands.”

Meanwhile, Cheptais Ward MCA Jane Chebet persuaded residents to take part in the BBI signature drive, saying it will ensure that they benefit from the fruits of devolution.

“We are going to vote for the report because it will give us more representation through additional constituencies.”

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