Kansiime finally becomes a mother after years of being mocked for being barren

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime has finally introduced her day old child after years of being mocked for being ‘barren’. Some people even claimed that she sold her womb to Illuminati in order to get famous and rich.

The rumours have however been put to silence following the arrival of baby Selassie Ataho.

Introducing him to her fans; Kansiime shared a photograph holding her baby and captioned:

His name is Selassie Ataho. My sins have truly been forgiven. @selassie_ataho1#sharedblessings indeed


For several years, many people claimed that Gerald, the first husband to the Ugandan beauty left due to his wife Kansiime not bearing any child for him in spite of being together for many years.

Kansiime’s childlessness story serves as a motivation to many childless women out there who will remain encouraged by her testimony.


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