Former Tusker Project Fame star rescued from streets after his photos went viral


Former Tusker Project fame star David Major Ogola alias D Major has been rescued by a good Samaritan after being spotted looking miserable in the streets of Nairobi.

The pictures of Ogola, a brilliant guy who once staged an incredible performance with his soothing voice on the popular TPF show, was spotted at night looking unkempt and very miserable in the streets.

Alvan Gatitu, former TPF alumnus and current comedian took Ogola after tracing his whereabout.

The former TPF star was found in the hangout on Thika Road by Margaret, who got him cleaned and his hair mend and looked a little bit decent.

“We are talking, he is a bit out of it now but keeping you posted in a few. Wacha tuongee,” Alvan informed the public.

The top Kenyan celebrities were attracted by the kind actions of Alvan Gatitu, among them Catherine Kamau a.k.a Kate Actress who was painfully penned.

My heart is broken into pieces. A good Samaritan found him. @alvangatitu is with him now.”

The former TPF star who is alleged to be the son of the late Dr. Magret Ogola, a renowned Kenyan award winning author best known for her novel “The River and The Source” is claimed to have lived in the streets for several months recently spotted along Mirema drive, Kasarani in the last couple of days.

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