County holds children protection campaigns

The county government of Bungoma in collaboration with non- governmental organizations has held a training that aims at sensitizing the parents on the rights of children.
Speaking to Radio Halisi, Bungoma county children coordinator Nabwakwe Maube mentioned that the county is on the forefront in child protection.
“We aim at protecting the children through various projects such as area advisory council which helps in sensitizing the parents. We work with other organizations such as Save the Child .”

Mr. Maube said that children are at danger of defilement especially this Covid-19 season which has forced the closure of schools. He pointed out that the government containment measures against Covid-19 has affected the children both physically and psychologically.
“There has been an upsurge of domestic violence in homes caused by hard economic times due to loss of jobs. Parents and guardians fight in presence of children which causes distress.”
According to Maube, the girl child is the most vulnerable in the society as they face defilements as well as genital mutilation and teenage pregnancies.
“Sometimes children suffer under irresponsible parents but they end up failing to report due to fear of intimidation. We work with Bungoma Children protection network to get reports on such cases.” He added.
Maube called upon parents to be on the watch out on their children especially when children are with digital gadgets in order to protect them from online fraudsters.
“As children embrace online studies during this COVID-19 period, parents should monitor them to protect them from pornographic contents and human traffickers.”
On the other hand, Anti-FGM board chairperson Agnes Pareno said that the fight against FGM is a collective responsibility of the public and the government. She said these during an anti-FGM campaign held at Kapsokwony SDA church.
Echoing on Pareno’s call, the former mutilators’ leader Milca Kemei urged the government to give them some funds to improve their lives as they shun away from FGM which was their source of income.

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