Passenger dies in a bus on his way to Mombasa from Busia


A passenger died aboard a bus that was travelling from Busia to Mombasa County on Thursday night.

The bus had packed for the night in obedience to the 10 pm levied by the government as part of effort to curb the spread of coronavirus disease when the incident occurred at Mukaa near Malili town.

Reports say that the passengers noted his death on returned to the bus after energizing and refreshing outside.

The sister to the dead said that his brother had been feeling unwell for quite some time.

Busia county commissioner said that the late’s body temperature was 36.0 which is normal before travelling.

Maalim who is the administrator of Machakos said that he informed public health officials and the Ministry of Health officer based at Mukaa after he was informed of the passenger’s death.

“The health officers came in the morning and took the body to Machakos Level V Hospital mortuary,” said Maalim.

He added that incase contact-tracing should be done after the confirmation that the passenger had COVID, all the details of the 31 other passengers including the bus driver and conductor are available.

“This was sudden death… The bus has been fumigated by public health officials in line with Covid-19 protocols,” said Maalim.

The bus was fumigated and the passengers allowed to continue with their journey.

They were also strictly told to reduce their physical connections with the public and to self-isolate when they reach their last stop.

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