Zuchu rejects deal to endorse alcohol

Tanzanian star Zuhura Othman Soud, popularly known by her stage name Zuchu has turned down a Sh12million endorsement deal saying she does not consume alcohol.

Speaking at an interview, the WCB record label said she rejected the deal to endorse the drink to protect her Muslim beliefs arguing that she felt hesitant to promote a drink that she would not consume.

Nisingekuwa nawatendea haki wale watu. Unapotangaza kinywaji ni lazima ukinywe na mimi sio mtumiaji wa vileo. Hiyo dili ilikuwa kama robo bilioni,” Zuchu said.

Zuchu further added that her mother, Khadija Kopa, had previously cautioned her against promoting alcoholic drinks as it goes against their religious beliefs.

“My mum asked me to promote any other brand but not alcohol. Also, it was not in me; I do not like to represent alcohol because I am a Muslim,” she added.

At the same time, the Tanzanian songbird’s manager for Wasafi Music Sallam SK revealed that Zuchu’s rate card has gone up due to her demand. According to him, Zuchu is currently charging nearly a minimum of Sh2 million for shows outside her home country.

“The world has changed right now, and as the demand for her services goes up, so do the charges. That is why we have been marketing her widely. Right now, she charges Sh2 million for shows outside Tanzania,” said manager Sallam SK.

Consequently, he also added that the charges for their Tanzanian clients is a bit less but there is no much difference.

“Local shows are negotiable but there is no much difference. This is home and we cannot deny them their artiste, so we can negotiate and agree on a fair figure,” he added.

Zuchu is currently making preparations for her homecoming event that will be held in Zanzibar.

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