You want to conceive a baby boy? Then your diet should include the following foods

Do you want to have a boy? Are you looking for a way to stack the odds in your favour? Have you ever heard that changing your diet may help you get the baby of your chosen sex?

Biological sex refers to a baby’s X and Y chromosomes, with XX determining female and XY determining male.

There are many supporters of traditional and natural remedies that feel that changing your diet can help you conceive a boy.

This unverified remedy recommends that persons with a high alkaline (high pH) “environment” have high chances of conceiving a boy. This method recommends:

  • increasing consumption of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables
  • increasing consumption of foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, salmon, avocados
  • increasing intake of foods with high alkalinity, such as citrus fruits, root vegetables and nuts
  • avoiding dairy products

While there’s no evidence backing this theory, there’s rarely any harm in adding fresh fruits and veggies to your diet!

If you want to conceive a girl, on the other hand, this theory suggests increasing your body’s acidity.

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