William Ruto Institute of African Leadership Studies opened in Uganda

Ugandan government has promised Sh10 million towards the construction of the William Ruto Institute of African and Leadership Studies at Makerere University.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni made the pledge yesterday when he met Deputy President William Ruto at Mubende State Lodge, Kampala.

Ruto arrived in Kampala on Friday evening.

“This institute would go a long way in Africans deepening their knowledge base and furthering research that would transform Africa,” Museveni said.

“Time had come for Africa to tell its own story in its own way for its own future,” he added.

DP Ruto later laid a foundation stone for the institute, which tries to create innovative ways to deal with learning and finding out about Africa.

As per Makerere University, the William S. Ruto Institute would likewise manufacture associations with similar institutions around the globe to develop the understanding of Africa.

“I am immensely humbled to be associated with this magnificent addition to the storied achievements of Makerere University,” Ruto said.

He further pointed out that his presence in the institution was the culmination of a pilgrimage to a shrine of patriotic, enlightened Pan-African awakening.

“One key paradox of our time is the persistence of dysfunction in some parts of the world amidst the tremendous progress made elsewhere,” he said.

Ruto said the new institute would become the cornerstone of an Africa-led revolution in higher education and research.

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