Why babies cry before sleeping

When a baby is about to fall asleep, it becomes problematic for parents.

This is happens because sometimes the joy that had been in the house melts away, and this causes panic to parents or caregivers, wondering whether it is an illness or mere stubbornness.

However, to majority of parents, they worry a lot to an extend of contacting medical personnel.

According to firstcry.com, babies cry just about sleep time due to the following reasons.

1.The Inability to Fall Asleep at Night

For many babies, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them. However, they will invariably cry every time when they sleep at night. This is usually frequent in children who are below the age of 3 months. The crying is simply a reaction of their body getting used to the sleep cycles since that seems out of the ordinary for them right at the beginning. The discomfort is because everything is made automatically comfortable while in the womb

2. Presence of Any Physical Discomfort

Unlike adults, your baby’s only way of communicating is crying. This is why they tend to cry every time they need to convey something. And most of the times, it is something that is getting them irritated or making them uncomfortable that elicits a cry. This can happen during bedtime as well if the environment is not conducive enough to make them fall asleep.

3. Attempt to Establish Social Contact

The key reason as to why your baby might start crying right around sleeping time has more to do with his behavior than anything else. Some babies tend to know that sleeping time would mean that they wouldn’t see their mother, and this could make them cry as well.

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