Where did we go wrong as parents?

I miss the good old days, where someone’s business was everyone’s business to mind about.

Raising children and ensuring they are at their best behavior, instilling the moral values and discipline was the role of the community. Nowadays, it’s the role of the parents who are never present and if they are, there’s no time for children.

Why should you wait for the problem to affect you to a personal level, for it to be your concern?  Why should it be, when a family member is killed or commits suicide is when you realize the society has a major problem at hand? Who taught the children and the youths that death is the best way to deal with problems? What is the essence of waking up very early and sleeping late in the name of hustling for the family?

A family that you might have lost the children long time ago. Why is it important to take children to schools to be taught only how to be good pros in their future professions but not good pros in life when problems are thrown their way? Isn’t this the best time when we went back to the old days? When the behavior of the children and the youths was everyone’s business.

It’s the high time we put children before money. Money, will never buy your absence when your children need you most. Money, can never solve all the problems (as cliché as it sounds). The society is you and I.

If you raise your kids well and I raise my kids well and create time for bonding with them, then at least 60% of young lives will be saved.

Let’s go back to the old ways because modern ways have failed in raising our children the right way.

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